In washing off, unfixed/ residual or hydrolysed dyestuffs is removed from the textile substrate in order to ensure best fastness results and minimum cross staining of the end product.  A good washing off process ensures a good all round fastness, so it is necessary to use a suitable washing off agent as per the water conditions, dyes used, print design,  substrate and machinery. We offer variety of high performance washing off agents. 

In after-treatment – the dyestuff is fixed on the textile substrate to ensure that the best water fastness and minimum cross staining during washing or laundry processes.  We have fixers to meet stringent fastness requirements of key buyers for specific shades on cellulosic such as turquoise, royals, ultra blacks, deep reds and maroon shades.

Product details

We offer  washing off agents for cellulosics, polyester and their blends, anti-tinting agents  (for print washing and yarn dyed fabric washing),  detergents and conditioners for garment washing and washing off additives.

In after-treatment we have formaldehyde and non-formaldehyde based fixers which are suitable for cellulosic substrates.