We have a long association with the candle industry, through our manufacturing facility in Gouda, Netherlands - which started as a candle factory!

Stearine was the original raw material for industrial production of candles, and is still acknowledged by the industry to be the highest quality raw material; it does not drip, the candles can be put in close arrangements without sagging, and there is no soot or smoke produced during burning. Much of the large scale production of candles now uses paraffin wax from mineral origins, though in recent years the use of stearine in mass-market manufacture has increased. We supplies our stearine base for candles from sustainable and renewable raw materials.

Waxes are used in many other applications, such as hot-melt adhesives, paper and board coatings, childrens’ crayons and cosmetic products. 

We supply base waxes for these applications, as well as the emulsifiers and other additives used to make the final formulations.