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Industrial Chemicals
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Recycled oil emulsion explosives

The use of recycled oil (used/recovered oil often from mining trucks) in an emulsion formulation can cause emulsion destabilisation and increased viscosity, which both lead to handling problems. We have a range of emulsifiers which can help avoid the complications and give more robust and reliable recycled oil emulsions.

Our range of cartridge emulsifiers offer the following benefits:

  • excellent long term stability;
  • provides improved emulsion viscosity; and
  • compatibility with mixed oxidiser systems.
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Emulsifiers for recycled oil

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Stability tests were carried out on our Anfomul range in emulsions containing recycled oil and diesel in various ratios. Optical microscopy was used to observe the ammonium nitrate crystal growth. The images were then analysed by computer software. It has been shown that it is possible to use up to 75% recycled oil in formulation. However, above this the emulsion viscosity can become very high. It may be possible to incorporate more recycled oil if the oil is put through an improved filtration / regeneration process.

We are able to create a wide range of blends designed to suit our customers’ specific requirements. We can work with your recycled oil sample to create a tailor made emulsifier optimised to your specification.

Recommended products

The emulsifiers we recommend for use with recycled oils help to prevent the handling problems associated with destabilisation and increased viscosity emulsions that are often experienced when using recycled oils.

High Performance Chemical Additives

Span™ 80

Span 80 is a biodegradable surfactant based on a natural fatty acid (oleic acid) and sugar alcohol sorbitol. This sorbitan ester is highly effective at forming oil in water emulsions, particularly...

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