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Industrial Chemicals
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Improved chemical gassing

The major problems associated with emulsion sensitisation by chemical gassing are gassing speed and decreased emulsion stability. We recognise that the choice of emulsifier can impact these parameters and recommend our products for improved chemical gassing.

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Mining emulsifiers for improved chemical gassing

Emulsifiers for improved chemical glassing
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Test method

Testing was carried out at 1% emulsifier dosage in a standard mineral oil based emulsion.

Gassing speed method

Emulsion was gassed using sodium nitrite solution (1.5% of emulsion weight) and emulsion density was measured over time to indicate speed of gassing.

Emulsion stability after gassing method

Crystallisation of gassed emulsion was measured over time using thermocycling from -10˚C to + 60˚C to indicate stability.

Recommended products

Gassing an emulsion is the process of sensitising the emulsion for detonation. These emulsifiers are recommended for high velocity of gassing and high emulsion stability after gassing.

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