Why Emulsification?

Bitumen emulsions provide a range of benefits over heated and cutback forms. Emulsifying bitumen allows you to reduce the viscosity without the need to continuously heat the product. Bitumen emulsions are particularly useful when it is difficult to use bulky machinery in remote or hard to reach areas, such as rural locations or confined spaces. As there is no need to heat the emulsified product, customers can also make huge savings on energy costs. 

In comparison to cutbacks, bitumen emulsions are easier to handle as the diluent is water, not a volatile petrochemical solvent. The reduction in VOC release not only decreases the environmental impact of the product, but the lower volatility helps to reduce storage and transportation costs. The reduction in VOC emissions is especially significant when considering the manual handling of bitumen emulsions in coatings and paints applications, where the bitumen emulsions may need to be applied in enclosed, poorly ventilated areas, hence making it safer to use.