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Bitumen Additives

Due to its high viscosity, bitumen can rarely be used in its raw form at ambient temperatures. Several techniques exist to decrease this viscosity and provide a workable product, each of which have their pros and cons:
Bitumen Road


  • Huge energy consumption
  • Energy consumption can be reduced by additives


  • Ionic emulsifiers allow dilution with water
  • Acidity modifiers adjust acid values to improve bitumen emulsion formation and stability

Dilution with Solvents (Cutback)

  • Solvents tend to be petrochemically derived
  • VOC containing
  • Damaging to the environment
  • Non-renewable
  • Naturally derived alternatives available

Croda offers a range of surfactants that are suitable for creating bitumen emulsions, which have applications in both the road surfacing and coatings & paints industries. The use of ionic surfactants is the best know technology to fully disperse bitumen in an emulsion. Our product portfolio also covers processing aids, such as acidity modifiers, low temperature processing additives, antifoaming/defoaming agents and foaming surfactants for use in creating foamed bitumen.

These products are aimed at improving the quality and handling of the bitumen, please click on the relevant link below for more information:

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