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Oil in water - emulsion technology

Emulsion and Dispersion Technology

Emulsion technology has always been a core area of Croda’s business. Recognised as experts in our field, we have produced a number of successful emulsion systems in a broad range of applications.

Croda have a wide range of chemistries and emulsifiers suitable for the following systems: 

  • Water in oil
  • Oil in water
  • Water / oil / water
  • Liquid crystal oil in water emulsion
  • Silicone emulsion

Croda offer a range of non-ionic surfactants for use as emulsifying agents, with expertise to support our customers in the development of their products and formulations.

In addition to our extensive portfolio of non-ionic emulsifiers, Croda also offers a range of anionic surfactants which also function as emulsifiers.

For specific demanding emulsion applications, customers should consider Croda’s range of polymeric surfactants. These proprietary non-ionic polymers provide an extra degree of working flexibility in formulating, to stabilise the emulsion systems by preventing coalescence of emulsified oil or water droplets under more extreme conditions.

With our knowledge and experience, we can work with you to create the right emulsion system for your application. Our in-house experts can use their knowledge and expertise of our product range to suggest the right chemistries for you.

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