Croda Industrial Chemicals
Croda Industrial Chemicals

Meeting Today's and Tomorrow's Needs

Industrial Chemicals are a unique business within Croda with limitless application potential. Industrial Chemicals focus on new niche speciality chemical applications such as emulsification of oils and silicones and technical and industrial fibre chemicals. Additionally Industrial Chemicals is keen to support customer requests in rubber, candles and chemical intermediaries, supplying our full range of diversified oleo chemicals. We are a multifunctional business truly at the heart of Croda with a real passion for new ideas in natural ingredients.

Croda are here to help you to select the right product for your requirements based on many years of experience and knowledge. We are continually developing new and exciting concepts by working with our customers to enhance the performance and added value of their finished products.

What is your area of interest?


Emulsion Technology - Applications


PCM- Applications


TIFC - Applications


Bitumen Additives - Applications


Advanced Materials - Applications


Rubber Compounders - Applications


Food Additives - Applications


Oleochemicals - Applications 


Candles & Waxes- Applications